A list of companies was developed from the Compendium of Veterinary Products– US edition, and the Compendium of Animal Supplements– US edition, which are commonly used resources in veterinary practice. Details on how these databases collect company information is available on their websites. Additionally, any companies recognized by Colorado State University’s Student AVMA corporate sponsorship liaison as having an on-campus student representative were included if they were not already present on the compendium list.  Contact information (email address) for each of these companies was collected from the compendium or from their respective websites.

The online survey included the following questions 

  • Does your company have a publicly available policy on environmental sustainability? 
    • If ‘Yes’: Where can your company’s policy on environmental sustainability be found?
  • What additional information regarding your company’s environmental sustainability practices would you like to share? 

The survey was sent electronically to all companies for which a general or sustainability related email could be identified. For companies without an email listed in the compendium, websites listed on the compendium were searched for contact information. A similar search was conducted where compendium listed email addresses were incorrect.  For companies without an email on their website, but with a fillable contact form, the text of the email and contact information for Dr. Duncan was entered into the ‘contact us’ form. Companies listing only a phone number were not contacted.  Emails were sent twice, 60 days apart. Those without emails listed on the compendium were only contacted in the second wave. The email was sent by Dr. Duncan and included basic information about the project with a link to the online survey. Companies were given until March 15, 2021 to complete the survey (95 days from first email wave, 35 from second email).

Those companies with student representatives recognized by the Colorado State University Student AVMA corporate sponsorship liaison as having an on-campus student representative were contacted through their liaison by a team member and were provided the survey.

Respondents and non-respondents were recorded.  For companies affirming they have a publicly available policy on environmental sustainability, the provided accessible resources were reviewed and summarized in the results section. If they provided additional information that was not included in their publicly available page, this was noted in the summary as well but clearly indicated as information provided in survey response. Responses were reviewed by the entire team.


SAVE Veterinary Procurement Guide Copyright © 2021 by Danielle Scott; Malea McGimsey; Rachel Conway; and Colleen Duncan. All Rights Reserved.

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