Chapter 5 – Other Dicot Crops

There is such a wide diversity of important crops. This section provides examples of dicot plants across many different plant families. These crops have been selected for a wide range of uses, including their sugar content, fiber content, oil content, sweetness, and heat/spice level. They demonstrate a huge range of morphological and flavor traits.


In this collage of images, click on the video play button to view a short video tour of other dicot crops.  The video will open in the full image and you can click play to start it.  Once you are finished, click on the “X” in the upper right corner to bring you back to the image collage.  If you wish to expand the video to fill your entire screen, clicking “Watch On YouTube” will open a new browser window to give you that option.  All videos have closed captioning. (Photo credit: Gayle Volk, USDA.)



Click through these interactive questions to review the important concepts that were discussed in this chapter.



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