This e-book would not have been possible without the outstanding support of friends and colleagues! Special thanks to Maddi Funk for providing much needed Pressbooks support  and some phenomenal graphic design. Stacey Baumgarn, CSUs Campus Energy Coordinator, has been a key resource and patient sounding board for many SAVE related projects… we hope this effort can help him advance other procurement related efforts!

Finally, we are especially grateful for those that have donated to the Climate Change(i)s Animal Health foundation at CSU.  This fund is dedicated to supporting education and research on how the environment, particularly climate change, impacts the health of animals.  Through this fund we hope to continually employ a group of motivated veterinary students to improve upon this guidebook and help all veterinary team members conduct their work without compromising the planet.


SAVE Veterinary Procurement Guide Copyright © 2022 by Malea McGimsey; Caroline Kern-Allely; Tiera McAdam; Val Cortes; Colleen Duncan; and Maddi Funk. All Rights Reserved.

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