Conclusions and Next Steps

We would like to first thank all the companies that took the time and effort to respond to our request for information. We appreciate and celebrate corporate transparency, as we can only progress in these efforts through cooperation.

We were excited to find that several veterinary companies, both giant industry leaders and small start-up companies, have prioritized sustainability efforts and that this information is accessible for consumers.  Unfortunately however, there was a relatively low response rate to our request for information.  It is unclear if this is because non-responding companies have no sustainability information to share or our request for information was not received by the appropriate individual.  We plan to update this guidebook annually and future versions will include more concerted efforts to connect with non-responding companies.  Based on feedback received from this inaugural issue, we seek to refine our assessment criteria to provide veterinarians with the most meaningful information.

Our hope is that this book can serve not only as a resource to inform purchasing decisions by consumers, but also as a means of inspiring companies to expand upon their own efforts. By collecting this information in a single place, companies and consumers alike can understand ongoing sustainability efforts, and help highlight areas to continue to expand.


SAVE Veterinary Procurement Guide Copyright © 2021 by Danielle Scott; Malea McGimsey; Rachel Conway; and Colleen Duncan. All Rights Reserved.

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