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In the first edition we aggregated information on relevant third-party certifications and general product considerations for veterinary clinics but refrained from endorsing any specific company or product.  Readers were provided the opportunity to share your experiences with particular products and companies through our feedback forms (here) and in this edition we have included a list of these suggestions. Here are some products and companies our readers love!

All Scrubbed Up reusable scrub caps (find them here)

“Fabric sourced from sustainable wholesaler who uses digital printing process and on demand printing, reducing energy usage, wastage and water consumption in the production of the fabric.”

Blueland cleaning supplies (find them here)

“This is a great cleaning company that has refillable tabs for their cleaning solutions. Once you purchase the original kits the refills are very affordable, and I have saved a lot of money switching to these products…They are non-toxic as well. This would not replace disinfectants where they are needed but are great for general office/clinic cleaning!” 

Grove Collaborative cleaning supplies (find them here)

“Working to be plastic free by 2025. Currently plastic neutral. Products are focused on sustainability and they have a LOT of products to choose from.” 

Lago scrubs (find them here)

“Eco-friendly scrubs, they are so well made and so comfortable. In my opinion they are WAY better than Figs!”

Mediclo scrubs (find them here)

“Sustainably made scrubs! I am obsessed, so comfortable and I love their styles.”

Meli Wraps reusable beeswax food wrappers (find them here)

“Way better than using Glad Press N Seal or Kling; reusable, better for the environment, works great and looks good too!”

OXO Good Grips® FurLifter Garment Brush (find it here)

“This is a great alternative to lint rollers that have single use sticky sheets”

Package Free Shop sustainable retailer (find them here)

“This is a go-to website whenever I need a new product or a refill of an existing product. This online store has a lot of products that are all void of packaging! They also ship carbon neutral.”

TerraCycle waste disposal and recycling (find them here)

“This company recycles hard-to-recycle items. They have many company-sponsored zero waste boxes that are very applicable to the veterinary hospital (e.g. dog food companies, office supplies, coffee pods, etc.) This is a great resource to use to minimize a clinic’s waste impact.” 

Tru Earth laundry detergent strips (find them here)

“Save on water and plastic!” 

Who Gives A Crap paper products (find them here)

“This product uses minimal packaging and packaging is 100% recyclable in curbside receptacles. They also build toilets for those in need. They sell paper towels, toilet paper and tissues.” 

Zero Waste Cartel sustainable retailer (find them here)

“They have a lot of products that are waste free/package free. Items for the kitchen, bathroom, pets, etc!” 


If you have any product or company recommendations that you love, please share them with us!


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