Opportunities for Feedback

The following forms have been created for users (veterinary staff and companies serving veterinary clinics) to provide feedback that can be used to inform future versions of this guidebook.  These include:

  1. Non medical product form: This form is intended for veterinary clinic staff to share information regarding specific non-medical products they recommend on the basis of sustainability and effectiveness. We will aggregate this information for inclusion in future SAVE Veterinary Procurement Guides
  2. Company to consider form: This form is intended for SAVE Veterinary Procurement Guide users to share the names of corporations that they believe should or could be included in future editions. Contributors may be veterinary clinic team members who are interested in a particular company that was not contacted for this project (see results section for a complete list) or an employee of a particular company that would like to be included in future editions.

For additional questions or comments, feel free to contact Dr. Colleen Duncan by email (colleen.duncan@colostate.edu).


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