What do they do? 

Royal Canin is a pet nutrition company which manufactures and supplies research-based dog and cat food.

Visit their sustainability page to explore further:  

Our Assessment:

*Royal Canin’s Sustainability page does not appear to have been updated since 2018. Goals for 2020 were outlined, but it is not clear whether those goals have been achieved as of 2021.  


Royal Canin outlines sustainability efforts and goals in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy, recyclable packaging, minimizing water usage and waste, and responsible sourcing of ingredients. Their website lists examples as well as several sustainability focused partnerships relating to each of these areas. They also discuss re-evaluating the environmental impacts of each of their ingredients in order to optimize product formulations and make environmentally conscious ingredient replacements whenever possible.

Royal Canin is owned by Mars, Inc., see Mars sustainability information here.

*Mars, Inc. as a whole was not assessed in the above summary.


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