Path Forward

Our hope is that this book can serve not only as a resource to inform purchasing decisions by consumers, but also as a means of inspiring companies to expand upon their own efforts. By collecting this information in a single place, companies and consumers alike can compare ongoing sustainability efforts, and help highlight areas to continue to expand.  We plan to update this guidebook regularly and expand our e-book series to cover other sustainability topics such a waste, energy and water as highlighted by Koytcheva, M. K. et al in their review of environmental sustainability in veterinary practice.

Please help us make the next edition of the guidebook as comprehensive and relevant as possible by sharing your feedback on companies or products that should be included!



SAVE Veterinary Procurement Guide Copyright © 2022 by Malea McGimsey; Caroline Kern-Allely; Tiera McAdam; Val Cortes; Colleen Duncan; and Maddi Funk. All Rights Reserved.

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