Conclusions from the First Edition

The objective of this guidebook was to begin to synthesize information that animal health professionals can be used to inform sustainable procurement strategies.

Consistent with a recent review by Koytcheva, M. K. et al, this work highlights a number of gaps in resources that veterinary clinics can use to refine their procurement protocols.  Our survey response rate was low, although it is unknown if this was because non-responding companies do not have publicly available policies or if the survey was not received by an individual knowledgeable about the topic.  Future editions of this guidebook will include more robust searching for policies and appropriate corporate contacts.

Despite the low corporate response rate, synthesis of information pertinent to general veterinary clinical procurement was inspirational.  Veterinary clinics use a lot of non-medical supplies and within all of the categories explored, a number of third party certifications exist to help guide decision making.  We look forward to to receiving input from veterinary clinic staff regarding specific products that they have found effective for use in clinical situations!

Please help us make the next edition of the guidebook as comprehensive and relevant as possible by sharing your feedback on companies or products that should be included!


SAVE Veterinary Procurement Guide Copyright © 2021 by Danielle Scott; Malea McGimsey; Rachel Conway; and Colleen Duncan. All Rights Reserved.

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