What do they do? 

Vetoquinol is a family-owned veterinary pharmaceutical company.


Visit their sustainability page to explore further:


Sustainability focused partnerships and certifications: None provided


Our Assessment: 

Vetoquinol’s forward facing sustainability webpage references a sustainable development policy, that is transparent to co-workers and external partners, but this does not appear to be open to the public. They were ranked first in the Gaia index. They carry out regular environmental impact audits at each of the production facilities. They also completed the ISO 50001 which allowed them to have an internal water purification system to protect their river from receiving wastewater.  This company is a member of IFAH Europe and Health for Animals. Their awards, involvement in international groups, and their ISO 50001 certification attest to their desire to achieve sustainable production.  


Additional Information:

The 2021 survey respondent added “Our environmental policy has two main parts. The first one is reducing our environmental footprint related to our industrial activities mainly: waste recycling improvement, water consumption reduction and CO2 emission monitoring and reduction. The second key part is related to our products by developing more eco-friendly products and packaging”. However, no specific information was provided on how this has been accomplished aside from the information that can be found on their public facing website.


Dedicated Sustainability Group/Person? Unknown


Company size: Large (over 250 full-time equivalent employees)


Year added to guidebook: 2021


Last updated: 2021


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